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Terms and Conditions


1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to regulate the GENERAL TERMS or CONDITIONS OF PROCUREMENT of the Pre-booking and Online Booking services (hereafter, and interchangeably, ‘Pre-booking’ and ‘Online Booking’ services, or ‘services’) of Bon Bini Residence  The terms “You” and “User” are used here to refer to all individuals and/or entities who for whatever reason access or use its services.

The use of these services implies full and unconditional acceptance and validity of each and all the General Terms and/or Conditions – which are deemed to be automatically incorporated into the contract concluded with Bon Bini Residence, without the need for your written transcription in the same – included in the latest version of these General Terms and/or Conditions.

The total number of authorized households guests including the visitors residing at the premises shall not exceed (5 adults) for a 3 bedroom apartment and (6 adults) for a 2 bedroom apartment at any one time. In case of an additional number there will be a charge of $20 per person. A 1 bedroom apartment can accommodate strictly 2 guests only.


Guests and visitors shall only be considered authorized only if and when they have been registered and disclosed by the Guest. Any person not authorized to reside and or visit the premise rented shall be denied access at the gate or entry or removed by the management. A fine of $50 per person per day may apply until such person has been authorized.


All valuables should be declared at the reception on arrival; management will not be liable for any item if not declared.


Guests are advised not to keep more than UGX 2,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Two Million Only) in the apartment.


Persons who are not checked in the apartment may stay in the apartment from 07:00am till 08:00pm.


Persons staying in a room after 10:00pm must check in the apartment or else the client shall be charged an extra fee.


To use the premise for the purpose of accommodation, No trading or any other business to be permitted on the premises.


Not to assign or sub rent the premises or any part of them.

No fire arms are allowed into the premises.

Not to use the premises for any illegal or immoral purpose.


Not to do anything which may be or may tend to be a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage to the premises or to the neighboring or adjoining property.


No parties to be held on the premises without management consent. There will be a charge for this service.


Not to keep any animals, birds or other livestock on the premises.


No individuals/ resident staff is allowed in the apartment other than the House Keepers and Resident Manager are allowed in the guest’s Apartment.


To permit management or any other persons authorized, to enter the premise at reasonable notice for the purpose of inspecting the premises or to carry out maintenance works.


No kids are allowed to access the swimming pool without parents/adults supervision, and No drunkard person is allowed in the pool. Consumption of alcohol while in the pool is not allowed.


Bon Bini Residence is not liable for any items stolen if not declared at the Reception on arrival.


In case of any defects which could not be repaired, the Bon Bini Residence management shall make every effort to, where possible, change the room or in any other way redress the inconveniences.

Management reserves the right to retain key for the premises, Guests are therefore advised to leave keys behind at the reception incase they’re moving out, in case of any keys lost or damaged, the guest will pay USD 100 for replacement.


Our sewage system works in a biological way, do not throw anything solid in the toilet.


To keep the premises and the fixtures and fittings in a good condition as found, do not remove any fixtures and fittings from the premises.


Any damage to the premises, or fixtures and fittings caused by the guest due to negligence is to be paid by the guest.



Under no circumstance should indoor furniture be taken outside the house; No one shall bring their own furnishing into the premise without express written authorization from the management. Property that is authorized to be brought to the premises may NOT be removed without the express consent of the management.


Notify management promptly of any defect or disrepair in the premises or to the fixture and fittings.


All rental payments made are non – refundable.

Deposit or Booking fee should be amounting to 60% or more of the total fee, in case of less pay, a period of one week is given to make a top up. Failure to do so, the management has right to give away the apartment and refund our booking fee with a 10% deduction.

Full payment on check in. There’s a minimum charge for transactions via Visa/ Master Card that shall be advised by the management at Pay point.

Our Forex Exchange Rate too shall be advised by management at pay point.

In case of any further clarification required contact please management.

2. Online Cancellation

No charge will be made to your credit card if cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to the day of arrival at the hotel (local time at the hotel). If cancellation is made during the 48 hours prior to arrival, 50% of the total cost of the booking will be charged to your credit card In the event of a client no-show without prior notice, 100% of the total cost of the booking will be charged, with the exception of hotels in Germany, where 10% of the stay may be refunded as compensation for expenses not incurred.



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